Landscape Park of Bystrzyca Valley

It was created in 1998 to preserve and promote the natural values of Bystrzyca river valley, one of the major creek of the left bank of the Oder. In geographical terms, is a perfect example of the river valley with a fully trained channel, numerous oxbow lakes, swamp and forest areas.

The park is also to protect endangered and rare species of plants and animals. It is overgrown highly valued wetlands and hornbeam, which constitute 40% of the park, including a particularly valuable alluvial ash-elm and hornbeam. The neighborhood of Zachowice, Kamionna and Czerńczyc is the second largest, the position of forest łęgowo-olchowych and ash in Poland. Among the trees you can find oak, hornbeam, ash, linden. It is also worth mentioning around three hundreds years oaks - in the area of Gniechowice grow four, including the oldest 310-year-old next to the road Gniechowice-Świdnica in a mansion`s park. Besides, as old monuments of nature are preserved in Skałka and Smolec. Characteristic features of the park vegetation is mainly water -in oxbow lakes and ponds, water lily and yellow pont-weed floating on the backwaters oczeretowy rush, rush stick marsh, on the banks of the river rushes and wielkoturzycowe brain. In the meadows you can see yellow iris and sedges. Within the park there are also rare siwy and koniopłoch łąkowy, you can often find the snowdrop, lily of the May, kopytnik pospolity, coral viburnum, rarer you can see szafirek drobnokwiatowy, spring snowflake, and Turk's cap lily. Fauna`s world primarily represent numerous birds, Blue Tit, Great Tit Chaffinch, świstunka, nuthatch, robin, and primrose. Among mammals, there are otters and bats. Reptiles and Amphibians represent the smooth newt, common frog and water, ordinary toad, common toad, sand lizard and snake. Among the many species of fish are worth mentioning perch, roach, gudgeon numerous, and stickleback, pike, stone loach, perch and bream. There are unique species of insects: capricorn beetle, swallowtail, and the largest colony of rare butterflies przeplatki maturny.

The Park is the perfect place for tourists and recreational water sports. In July is an annual rafting on Bystrzyca from Mietków-Skałka, more opportunities for canoeing and rafting offers Adrenalin- Park in Sokolniki.