Commune of Żerków

Żerków a commune located in the Wielkopolska province in the district of Jarocin. The surface of 170.5 km2 inhabited ok.10600 residents. Picturesquely situated village Żerków captivates beautiful countryside, unique terrain, abundance of plant in Czeszewskiego Żerkowsko Landscape Park. Not without reason the area is called "Switzerland Żerkowska".

Neighborhood of Żerków is also ideal for hiking and cycling. Trails running through Żerkowsko-Czeszewski Landscape Park reveal visitors the interesting quarters of natural and valuable architectural monuments, including 32 objects entered in the register of monuments, groups of manors and palaces, sacrals and other historic places. Qualities of Żerków were also noticed by the organizers of sporting events: cross-country running, mountain biking, athletics, team games and chess. The commune has a complex of swimming pools and a modern sporst hall .In strategic plans of commune tourism functions were recorded as a leader. The interest in touring the region of Żerków reaches the middle of nineteenth century. The fame of the area was contributed by visit of Adam Mickiewicz in Śmiełów. Currently in classicist palace in Śmiełów is formed a museum. of A. Mickiewicz which organizes many cultural and educational events and is the most visited place. In Żerków also functions Mickiewicz Visitor Centre - which aim is to popularize and promote the literary output of the bard.

On 2nd May 2005 between the communes of Kąty Wrocławskie and Żerków was signed a partnership agreement. The main objective of the agreement was to support and promote the culture and traditions of both communities and create conditions for active cooperation of its inhabitants .Commune of Kąty Wrocławskie was represented by Mayor Antoni Kopeć and City Council President Adam Klimczak and commune of Żerków by Mayor Janusz Jajczyk and City Council President Kacper Ekert. In the agreement the parties have declared: participation in the annual celebrations of communes, organization recreation for children and youth, promotion and development of regional culture and traditions, but also commone actions in the field of sport, tourism and recreation.