Commune of Biblis

Biblis is a community connecting three cities: Biblis, Wattenheim and Nordheim. It lies in the district Bergstrasse in Hesse near Frankfurt am Main, with an area of about 40.44 km2. Commune population Biblis has about 9000 inhabitants. The commune is mainly known from the greatest nuclear power plants, and also by annually celebrated sumptuous "feast of cucumbers" (Gurkenfest).

A very interesting location and landscape diversity caused that commune can be categorized as one of the finest in the region. Undoubted attractions are here: forest on the eastern border, the landscapes along the Rhine, the stone forest in the western part of the Odenwald region or the ruins of the castle. Worth seeing at Biblis is also the church of St. Bartłomiej, the Evangelical Church and an information center for nuclear power plants.

The area along the Rhine offer tremendous opportunities for hiking and having a good time. On 29th June 2003 was signed a partnership agreement between the Commune of Kąty Wroclawskie of the commune of Biblis. Its purpose is solidary cooperation of both communities as well as exchange of experiences and cultural, economic and social ideas.

Officially signed the agreement Mayor of Biblis Mrs. Hildegard Cornelius - Gaus and the President of the Community Gerhard Meier from one angle and the Mayor of Kąty Wroclaw Antoni Kopeć and City Council President Adam Klimczak the other. The cooperation agreement between communes was concluded for the mutual knowledge and understanding and promoting friendly relations between the parties, which contributes building a united Europe and an agreement between nations. To this end, the partners established through regular meetings will seek to exchange views and experiences as well as mutual support in the following areas:

  • education,
  • sport and tourism,
  • arts and culture,
  • economy,
  • agriculture,
  • social issues,
  • administration,
  • environmental protection,
  • public order,
  • security and fire protection.

Biblis is our first foreign partner community, cooperation with which we started before Polish accession to the European Union. It is surely promise of a good and sustainable partnerships in a united Europe. Es lebe deutsch - Englisch Freundschaft!