Commune of Mignaloux-Beauvoir

Mignaloux-Beauvoir is a town in western France in the region of Poitou-Charentes in the Department of Vienne. Commune with an area of 21.62 km2 inhabited now about 3500 inhabitants. Very picturesque and rustic character aptly expressed in a common determination commune of Mignaloux-Beauvoir as "urban village" (a la campagne ville).

The dynamic development of the commune in conjunction with the preservation of rural - holiday character and unquestioned protection of natural values - are the main objectives of the authorities of Mignaloux - Beauvoir and its inhabitants. Among the main attractions of the commune include the oldest, dating from the twelfth century church of L'Eglise Notre Dame Cathedral, the historic nineteenth-century Chateau de Beauvoir today transformed into a hotel - restaurant and well-known in the neighborhood botanical center Le Deffend. For lovers of horse riding unforgettable attractions provides the largest in the region equestrian center collects each year countless fans of the sport. The high activity and involvement of local people in their region to promote healthy lifestyles and provide numerous clubs and associations bringing together young and older people.

On 18th August 2006 Kąty Wrocławskie formally bound by the agreement of partnership with the French Commune Mignaloux - Beauvoir. Its purpose is to mutual awareness and understanding of residents of both communities as well as building friendly relations and to contribute to understanding between peoples united Europe.

Ceremoniously signed the agreement Mayor Katy Wroclawskie - Antoni Kopeć and the Mayor of Mignaloux - Beauvoir - Gerard Sol, in the presence of invited guests:governor of Wrocław`s district, delegates from other comunnes of Dolny Śląsk and District Councillors of Wrocław City, members of Concusil of City Kąty Wrocławskie and residents of both communes. Partners through regular meetings will aim at exchanging experiences and ideas. In addition, both communes agreed to the implementation of other specific forms of cooperation such as:

  • meeting of Families
  • promotion of language learning
  • student and youth exchange
  • exchange of experience in local government
  • meetings of cultural, sporting and tourist
  • promote co-operation of communities and community organizations.

Begining of contacts between the two communities dates back to 2004, when Mayor of Kąty Wrocławskie Antoni Kopeć went (along with delegates from the city of Wroclaw) to visit the French city of Poitiers. The city is the capital of the Department of La Vienne cooperating with Wrocław. On 3rd of March were there The Days of Wrocław". Then the mayor Kopeć met for the first time with the mayor just a few kilometers distant from Poitiers Commune Mignaloux - Gerard Beauvoir Solem. The meeting resulted in the idea of partnership between the two communes. This idea claryfied and took on real shape in the next year, when the succession in May and October were meetings of delegates from both regions. Signing of cooperation agreement with the French community is the second success of our community to raise the level of European partners. Longue vie à l'amitié Franco-polonaise!